4th Quarter Review Session

Welcome to a new week.

In the corporate world, this time of the year usually experiences an increase in key strategic activities. Key amongst them is a review of the past year and forecasting (planning, budgeting etc) for the New Year.

As we step into the last Quarter of 2014 this week, I believe it is critical that we also adopt this model in ensuring that we end the year better than we began it and that we get positioned for a successful 2015.

Last week Wednesday marked a 100 Days to the end of 2014 and I decided to start a Personal Transformation Project. 

Like you, I desire that the end of this year will yield the best of the year for me.

I however realize that without focus and specificity, my aspirations will never become a reality.

Some steps I have taken include;

– Logging off my Instagram and Twitter on my IPad so I have to log in on my system if I really have to

– Scheduling time for Reading, Thinking & Praying

– Reviewing my Personal Finance system and making necessary adjustments

– Starting some initiatives I had planned for 2014 which I never got round to doing…

You see, Personal Adjustment usually precedes Personal Transformation.

I am in a phase where I am willing to pay the price of discipline to earn the reward of diligence.

What do I need you to do? If you would like to, join me in making the rest of the year count by rightly reviewing & repositioning yourself for the future you desire.

Make sure you do this if you really want change. Remember, your excuse today will become your regret tomorrow. 

This week & next, we will have public holidays (in Nigeria). Take out some time to do your ‘Quarterly Business Review’ meeting with yourself.

Don’t just count time with your life. Make time count by taking ownership for your future outcome.

Details of my 1st Webinar will be posted shortly. You do not want to miss it.

Do enjoy your day.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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