Certified OR Dissatisfied

Hello. Welcome to a New Week. If there is one country where I know that people love acquiring certificates, it is Nigeria.

Once, we were having a Career Coaching session and an interested participant asked if she will get a certificate for attending. I was literally amazed.

The obsession with getting certificates is primarily driven by a desire to have that extra something that will get one a job ahead of others.

In recent times, I have spent sometime conducting a review of trends in the Nigerian and African Employment space and I have come to realize that certifications (and not only certificates) will help working professionals differentiate themselves better.

The maxim that says ‘if you stop READING, you start dying’ calls for a review that says ‘if you stop LEARNING, you have ceased from truly living’.

This is because READING is not worthwhile until it is translated to LEARNING.

Getting certified (learning) is more important than the certificate. You can READ to pass the certification exam but you must LEARN to solve problems with it.

With Globalization becoming a local reality, LEARNING will differentiate you among your competitors. Take some time to research your field. Identify necessary courses or certifications that will enable you add more value in your field. This will significantly increase your Career Attraction Index.

Being dissatisfied with career stagnation is no longer an excuse. Learn better to earn better.

Please note that CareerShift UK will hold on the 1st of November at a venue in Central London. Also, CareerShift UK will hold on 3 campuses: London SouthBank University, Glasgow Caledonian University & Napier University in Edinburgh. They will all be explosive.

Please tell your friends and relatives there to watch out for details.

Organizations interested in partnering for these events should send an email to info@inspirosolutions.com.

Do enjoy your day.


Jimi Tewe

Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe


3 thoughts on “Certified OR Dissatisfied

  1. I agree with your perspective, sir. Insightful train of thought, i must add. Wishing you and your team successful event with CareerSHIFT coming up in UK. #Chinonsowrites

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