The Bell Boy

Yesterday, something interesting happened to me. I was at the mall to get something with my family and just as we were getting inside, a lady started staring at me. I could tell she knew me but I could not place where exactly I knew her from. The next statement I heard shocked me, ‘You were our Bell Boy in Staff School’.

Backtrack to 1988- 26 years ago. 

I was in Primary 6 and one particular day, the Bell Boy (rings the bell for the whole school to let them know when it’s breaktime and end of day) did not come to school. That day, my teacher pointed at me and asked me to go ahead to ring the bell for the school and that was how I rang it for the whole school till I graduated.

When she made that statement, I burst out laughing. Pictures of me ringing the bell all the way from my class to ‘the rocks’- my termination point- got me reminiscing. 

This is what really got to me. In many ways, I am still a ‘Bell Boy’. I feel that time is going and some people are still on ‘breaktime’ when they should be in class. Breaktime represents distractions from your main assignment, call or purpose in life.

I would like to live till I am 100 years old and even as long as that seems, it means I have only 64 years left to do all I should, can and must do.

As you step into this week, remember you are here on earth not just to survive but to fulfill an assignment. Find it & Get Busy with it.

This week, my assignment carries me to 4 universities in the UK. Birmingham City University joined the list and it’s still likely another one in Manchester might join the list. My assignment allows me to make IMPACT, gain INFLUENCE & receive INCOME. What’s yours?

Okay, ‘Bell Boy’ says it’s time to work! Stop your ‘Breaktime’ & get busy.

If you need ‘Bell Boy’ to help you ‘find’ your assignment or get busy with it, send him a mail at He has a coaching package that can help you.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
Twitter: @jimitewe


3 thoughts on “The Bell Boy

  1. Hello ‘Bell Boy’….that was really rich and real… especially for Africa… we have over extended our break time… we must wake up NOW….Thanks for being The Bell Boy

  2. Wow. Nice piece “Bell Boy”. You got me reminiscing too. “Staff school”, “the rocks”, “Assembly”, the “inter-house sports competitions” etc. All, just like yesterday. How time flies!! It’s time to get really busy indeed, before ALL of the time flies away.

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