7 Keys to Failure

Surprised at the title of my broadcast today?

Well, you need not be as my observation is that majority of people are already using one or more of these keys to failure although they are ‘hoping’ they will end up with success.

By now, you should know that it’s what you do, and not what you intend to, that creates your future.

After the death of Dr & Mrs Munroe spread around, many people made a commitment to live out their purpose. The truth however is that the effect of that news has started wearing out. People are already going back to the way they used to live life. 

Do you really wish to live out your purpose, then there are somethings you MUST do and others you MUST avoid.

Let me introduce the first Key to Failure. Its called THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Have you heard this phrase before? I am sure you have. Its become one of the leading reasons why people never attempt to achieve the future they desire. It has become an understandable excuse for maintaining the status quo.

What if I fail? What if it does not work out? What if people mock me when it doesn’t work? How will my family and I pay our rent, eat etc?

Greatness has never been achieved through fear. However, greatness has been achieved in spite of fear. Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you they did it afraid. Even if you have FEAR in your head, overcome it with FAITH in your heart.

Are there things you’ve wanted to do in 2014 but fear has stopped you? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you are operating a key to failure.

Want to hear more about this? Then join me on Twitter tonight by 7.30pm @jimitewe as I share my thoughts on how I overcame fear when I realised I had to leave my job of N18.1Million per annum to pursue a dream that had only earned me hampers at that time.

As you step out this week, choose FAITH over FEAR. Your future is too bright for you to neglect it.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
BBM: 74F7B3A9


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