Wicked Parents


What came to your mind when you read the title of this broadcast? I bet you thought about those parents that abuse their children in different parts of the world. Interestingly, I am not speaking about those who do not care. Rather, I am speaking about those that truly care and are ‘wicked’.

Alright, let me confess, I really used the word ‘wicked’ to catch your attention, but in reality, I meant it.

Many parents, siblings, friends and close friends have been ‘wicked’ to people around them who had great dreams simply because they really ‘cared’ about them. 

In a bid to keep them from failure, they advised, and in some cases, warned them not to attempt their dream and leave their comfort zones. Many decades later, those who took their advice are regretting it. Am I saying all the counsel they give is wrong? Not at all.

A man I heard of told his wife that he would be resigning in a few months to start a business venture he had been working on. She said to him, ‘if you resign your job, I will ‘resign’ from this marriage’. From what I hear, the business is yet to start and he is unhappy.

When I told my parents, that I was resigning my Senior Mgt job in the bank to ‘pursue my dreams’, their care for me became an anchor of concern for me.

How did I ‘convert’ my parents to ‘fans’? 

The 3rd Key to Failure is ‘Trying to Please Everyone’.

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Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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