7 Failure Keys (5)

Good Morning.

The 5th Key that guarantees Failure is LACK OF CAPACITY. Many people will get the opportunity they have desired but the question to ask is this, ‘will they have the CAPACITY to deliver?’

It’s common to hear statements like, ‘I really do not have time to read’, ‘I really want to do that course. but there is just no time for it!’.. Hmm..

Every Opportunity comes with its own demand of Capacity. Failure is inevitable when Capacity does not match Opportunity. You want to hear what I have to share tonight by 8pm on Twitter.

Capacity must be developed on 3 levels: Physically, Mentally & Spiritually. I will break it down for you this evening.

In the meantime, I am again building my capacity spiritually in the next 5 days starting today.

Jesus was successful because he had Capacity for his Destiny. He even told His disciples to ensure they got Capacity before chasing their Destiny.

In His days, there were many societal challenges. One of  them was a Health Epidemic. His Capacity helped him solve it. In His time on earth, He was a BLAZING LIGHT. A solution provider. I believe you are one too.

You can join me as I attend BLAZING LIGHT from Wednesday (today) till Sunday. If you can’t attend, join us via livestream on http://www.kingsword.tv from 5.30pm daily. If you would like to attend physically, the address is KINGSWORD, Etal Drive, FirstBank Busstop, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja.

Not only did he have Spiritual Capacity, He had Mental and Physical Capacity. 

These domains of Capacity are important for evading Failure & achieving Success.

Talking about success, as at early today, we were 200 votes ahead in the Social Media Awards. You can still vote for me using this link http://www.smaafrica.com/vote then click ‘Twitter Handle of the Year’ and search for ‘Jimi Tewe’. I believe we are winning this.

Okay, let’s get to work now! Remember 8pm on Twitter @jimitewe and hashtag is #7FailureKeys.


Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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