7 Failure Keys (6)

Good morning.

Our discourse on the 7 Failure Keys have been quite enlightening for me personally. More than ever before, I am aware of instances when any of the keys try to get me to use them. I immediately fight the thought.

The 6th Key to Guaranteed Failure is LACK OF SELF DISCOVERY!

I know you have heard so much about this but my question is this, Do you know you?’.

Tied to this key is another one that I call 6B. It is NOT LIVING BASED ON SELF DISCOVERY!

Many people, in spite of their age, are still trying to become someone they are not.

One day, whether on this side of eternity or the other, you will realize there is a SPECIFIC assignment you are meant to fulfill in your generation and as such, there is a SPECIFIC person you should be.

Some of you might have heard this before, but I once really wanted to be a RAPPER! Can you imagine?

I set my heart to it & joined a rap group. I even wrote out some raps at that time but..hmmm.. I struggled.

Are you not glad that I am not a RAPPER today but a CAREER SUCCESS CATALYST?

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual design predisposes you to SUCCEED at something in particular.

I will be sharing about all these tonight on Twitter by 8pm. 

KEY 6B speaks of people who have discovered themselves but are not doing anything with their discovery. I will talk about that too this evening.

Remember, you have just enough time on earth to fulfill your purpose and deliver on your assignment.

Join the chat on Twitter by 8pm by following me @jimitewe and the hashtag is #7FailureKeys

Yes, we are still in the lead in the Social Media Award by 219 votes BUT in the school of success, we do not stop till its over.

If you have not voted, all I can still say is, ‘there is God ooo’ 🙂

Vote now at http://www.smaafrica.com/vote/twitter-handle-of-the-year

I do appreciate your commitment to my dreams.

Thank God it’s FRIDAY! 

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


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