We Won!

I am so excited about sending this broadcast today because I have good news for you. We won the ‘Twitter Handle of the Year Award’ in the just concluded Social Media Award Africa competition.

I must be honest that I was not too sure whether the award would be given to me even though my twitter handle had the highest votes in the voting stage. The jury still sat on it to review each finalist’s handle based on several factors including originality, creativity, impact, influence etc.

Anyway, let me get to the core of today’s message!

The award could not have been given to me without your input. Your vote during the voting stage, every word of encouragement, every retweet etc helped to make this happen.

What can we learn from this and apply for 2015?

You need a ‘company’ to record victory.

Great Things are truly not achieved by Great People alone but by a Great Team. Nothing that has lasted was ever built by one person.

Your dreams and aspirations for 2015 will be delivered faster and better if you have the right team to work with.

You need MENTORS to guide, correct and encourage you. You need PEERS who challenge you and not those who are satisfied with your status quo. You need ‘HELPERS’ who buy into your dreams and work to see it happen for you.

Well, someone might be saying, ‘Jimi, I have tried getting a mentor, but it didn’t work. I have begged people to help me but they didn’t help. What can I do?’

The ultimate law of relationship says, ‘Give and it shall be given back to you’. Before you ask for a hand, touch their heart. What can you do to help their own dreams? The more you do that thing, the more they feel ‘obliged’ to support you.

Let’s make 2015 a year that will be difficult to forget!

Thank you once again for making @jimitewe the Twitter Handle of the Year for Africa. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, I think you should do so now (smiles).

Do enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst | Business Success Coach


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