Get your PVC and use your ‘PVC’

Good morning and Thank God it’s Friday.

First & foremost, let me state that this broadcast is  not focused on the elections coming up in 2 weeks time in Nigeria. Of course, I am interested in seeing a positive change in Nigeria and so I want to encourage you to get your PVC and use it during all stages of the election. Remember, the path of a nation should glow brighter and brighter. Vote your conscience in a way that will help to move this nation forward.

Interestingly, while thinking through how to help a business owner I am coaching, I realised that PVC stands for an acronym that makes for effective sales in business. Let me say it again that one skill every person needs is the ability to sell.

If you want your business or even career to grow, use this model consistently:

P- Persuasion:
Every successful salesperson will tell you that the act of persuasion is the foundation of sales success. You must grow your capacity to buy-over the heart of your potential customers.

V- Valuation:
This is a process that your potential customers go through. While you are persuading, they are evaluating. They are checking their pocket and your promise. The moment your promise matches their desire and cooperates with their pocket, they are ready for the last stage.

C- Conversion:
A sale is only complete when a conversion (value exchange) occurs. Your money is in the pocket of your potential customers. Don’t let them go home with it. Give them payment options, payment plans or payment benefits. Learn the act of collecting your money!

I will continue with this topic in my next broadcast. 

As we begin the weekend, remember, Get your PVC and use your ‘PVC’.


Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year, Africa 2015
BBM: 74F7B3A9


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