Share a Coke with Me…

Good Morning & welcome to a New Week.

One of the most successful marketing campaigns going on in Nigeria today is the one being carried out by CocaCola tagged ‘Share a Coke’.

I have no idea what their sales look like at the moment, but with the rate at which people have been looking for their names on a bottle, it is obvious sales would have soared.

Why will people buy many bottles of Coke simply because it has their name on it?

CocaCola is meeting a fundamental need of human beings- the need to feel significant.

The subliminal association of their name to a global brand gives people some form of internal satisfaction that they are significant.

As great as this campaign is, the surest way to significance in life is through Self Discovery & Self Actualization. Until you discover the essence of your existence & cause your presence to make a difference, your absence in life will not be felt.

In reality, you are very SIGNIFICANT. God made you for a reason. Find it & fulfill it.

In 2012, I wrote what I would call ‘a book written from my heart’. FREE FROM CORPORATE SLAVERY’ was written to challenge, inform & guide people towards achieving significance through the work they do. Hundreds of people have told me that their life literally changed after they read it.

Today, I make a call to you to refuse to rest in life till the world enjoys your best. 

As we start the week, make a choice to leave the path of survival and thread the pathway of significance. 

To get a copy of FREE FROM CORPORATE SLAVERY & have it delivered to you for only N1600 anywhere in Nigeria, click this link

For those outside Nigeria, you can get an e-copy by clicking here;

It will be a wonder-full week for YOU!

Jimi Tewe
Winner, Twitter Handle Of The Year, Africa 2015 (SMAA)
BBM: 74F7B3A9


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