The Time Merchants

There were over 7 Billion of them sent on a mission. Each was specially designed to carry out a unique function in the generation in which they were deployed. An assessment of their potential in the boardroom of power showed that they have infinite possibilities.

Several centuries after..

Situation assessment of their actual performance showed that very few came close to fulfilling their potential as most of them died dissatisfied and discontent with their final outcome in life.

Although they were all born different, they had one thing in common.

They all had 24 hours a day given to them for FREE.

The review meeting showed that those who excelled had gained Mastery of their own 24 hours. They had come to know why they were given the 24 hours and they had spent most of that time on that 1 purpose. 

Unfortunately, most of the others simply used their 24 hours to survive and not thrive.

You are either becoming Great or losing your Capacity for Greatness with every second that ticks away in time.

You are a Merchant of Time! Make sure you make profit with it. The time you use to worry is sufficient to pray and think with. The time you spend being afraid is enough to run wild with your imagination and explore possibilities.

Time Merchant, wake up! Time is running fast.

I spent some time with someone I am coaching last week & this was what he said about the time we spent;

‘If I am to describe my 1st session with you I’d say it was Enlightening. After 11years I see reason to go back to an important part of my life’.

Would you like me to spend my time coaching you for 1 hour? If your answer is YES, let me ask you, ‘how much do you think I should charge you since I am also a merchant of time?’ Find out by calling Eniola on 07043333041. It will be worth your time.

Time merchant, Get to Work now! Time is flying, fast… 

Kindly rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa (SMAA 2015)


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