Bankers- the Endangered Species

Well, today’s broadcast is for a certain category of people I believe are closely connected to you.

I had the privilege of working in the Nigerian Banking Industry  for 3 years & 7 months. One thing that marked my mind was the degree of frustration and illusion-driven living that most bankers are living with.

Now, by itself, there is nothing wrong with banking but what had happened was that the boom experienced in the industry over the years attracted many people who are really not bankers in their DNA. To make matters worse, the reward the industry offers has become ‘Golden Handcuffs’ that literally holds many of them in what I call ‘Corporate Slavery’.

I am tired of the excuses they give; ‘I am afraid of the unknown’, ‘what will I go and do?’, ‘is it not too late?’ & many others that are too annoying to type.

For God’s sake, at what stage is it too late to decide to live the life you want to live? Will you continue to live in fear instead of facing the fear of what is keeping you from your future?

5 years ago, I left my N920,000 monthly Salary, Senior Manager banking job to chase my dreams. 5 years after I am getting International Awards & finances from that same dream.

I have created a Bankers Package containing my book, ‘Free From Corporate Slavery’ & an Audio CD ‘CareerShift For Bankers’ selling for only N2500.

2015 cannot become a repeat of the past for these people. If you are not a banker & you want a similar package, with the Audio CD for another CareerShift event (with Lanre Olusola, Myself & others), please go ahead & place your order by calling 07043333041 (43) NOW or send a mail to Everyone who makes this purchase & gives us their contact details will automatically be registered for my CareerShift Webinar holding in March.

I would appreciate it if you can rebroadcast this.


Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa 2015 (SMAA)
Alder Social Media Overlord for Career 2014


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