I won an Oscar too

Welcome to a New week!

So yesterday somewhere in the United States of America, the famous Oscar Awards held. Although I didn’t watch it, Social Media platforms were filled with updates on it.

It always amazes me how 99% of the world get to watch the remaining 1% get rewarded for actualizing their uniqueness year in and year out. 

Life is very fair. You simply have to understand how life works and then work life to fit the life you desire.

One key differentiator of  men and women is whether they ever get to a point in life where they decide to focus their presence on earth on fulfilling their essence in their generation. Take this from me- you will never be celebrated consistently outside the domain in which God has designed you to dominate. 

Until you find your natural habitat & pursue a vision consistently in it, your probability of great success & significance will be less than 1%.

Choose today to walk on the path that will bring you to prominence. I have found that most people know this path but are afraid of pursuing it because of the fear of failure. I have never heard of a fish afraid of drowning or a lion afraid of starving to death. You ARE Greatness Personalized. God made you that way. Live your Great life NOW!

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#SocialMediaWeek starts today. Join the conversations & learn. Also, I will be speaking in Enugu next weekend. Details coming.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year Africa 2015 (SMAA)- @jimitewe
BBM: 74F7B3A9


One thought on “I won an Oscar too

  1. I dream of becoming a success in my accounting field. I just got to know about your achievements and success….I am simply awed by how you’ve been able to accomplish all this at a very young age..
    Wish I could have you as my mentor..God bless You..
    Meet you at the TOP

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