The Power of Confusion

Most people do not know it but confusion is a very powerful force operating in many lives today.

Confusion is a state of limbo experienced in decision making which wastes time, halts efforts and when not managed, establishes fear in a person’s heart. In its original make-up, it was designed as a mental tranquilizer designed to prolong the journey to progress. 

Many lives have emerged as mediocre simply because people have yielded to the Power of Confusion.

When it comes to Careers, I have met many confused people. One set of confused people that I meet regularly are those who still do not know what career path to pursue. In a world filled with many Career options, confusion thrives as people are ignorant of a fundamental Career Law.

‘You CANNOT truly succeed outside of the field you are gifted for, passionate about and interested in’.

Self Awareness of your gifts, passion & interest therefore reduce the reduces confusion.

I used CAREERLEADER ( in 2012 and it significantly reduced my confusion.

My best fit career paths were:

(1) Training and Development
(2) Human Resource Management
(3) Non-Profit Work
(4) Management Consulting

My worst match was with Commercial Banking. I was working in a bank then and I hated it. Today, I run a Training and HR consultancy and I love what I do. 

Would you like to use the tool today?

The unit cost is $100/N21,000 (you can check online), but for 20 people who pay N12,500 TODAY, I will make it available to them.

Simply send a mail to requesting for payment details or call 07043333041. Once payment has been made, you will get your profile created and sent to you by mail within 3 hours. You can immediately run the 3 tests and get your report generated.

You can also walk into our office:
6, Taiwo Close, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja to make enquiries or payment.

Career Confusion does not GO with time, it GROWS with time!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


2 thoughts on “The Power of Confusion

  1. I so much love doing this 4 things you mentioned but I really need a mentor to lead me through and empower, navigate and instill more confidence in me.
    Thanks so much sir.

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