I hated it but now I LOVE it!

Welcome to a New week.

On Friday I was privileged to sit with the executives of an organization to do something I have come to love. The interesting thing is that a few years ago, I avoided any opportunity that required me to do it but today, I now enjoy it.

The potential rejection that comes from doing it makes people run from it rather than embrace it.

Without it, people remain insignificant in their careers, fail in their businesses and generally never rise to become all they could possibly be.

For those who have learnt it, it has helped them stay relevant in their organization and it has helped grow their businesses.

‘So, what is it?’

Well, it is SELLING!

Did I see you cringe when you read it? 

The truth is this, without the ability to sell, your value will not attract the best value it deserves. You might be the best in your field & you might have the best product but until you sell it, you will not get the best from it.

Those who can sell are less likely to be sacked because they contribute value directly to the bottom-line of their organization.

Those who can sell are less likely to have cashflow issues affecting their business.

On the  (6th of April- Easter Monday), I will be hosting my first webinar- Sales Intelligence Masterclass for only 100 people. I will have a Senior Sales Executive also join in on the webinar. The good thing is that you can watch it, learn and ask questions pertaining to your own field from anywhere in the world. Webinar fee is N3500 ($15)  Early bird registration is however N2000 ($9) only. Interested, call Eniola on 07043333041 or send a mail to info@inspirosolutions.com for payment details. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis.

On Wednesday, I will share one of the laws of sales I have learnt that helped me in my meeting on Friday.

Remember, the earlier you learn a skill, the earlier you can use it.

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst


3 thoughts on “I hated it but now I LOVE it!

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  2. Exactly the way it is. And the skill can only be acquired through learning. Thank you for sharing this sir. This so cool….. *an eye opener*

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