The Biggest Mistake Nigerians Will Make

So, we are only 2 days away from the much anticipated elections…

This particular election is probably the most keenly contested and the one a large proportion of Nigerians (home & abroad) are involved in. It is great seeing all this unfold… but I fear that we might be making a mistake.

The truth is that the election of a Leader (note what I said, not a President) is a trigger for Change/Progress/Transformation (we can’t even use these words easily again without people reading meaning into it). What happens after the election is MUCH MORE important than who gets elected.

Nigerians, our civic responsibility does not end with electing a Leader but in keeping them accountable. No President is immune from temptations of National Infidelity and in the same vein, no President is ‘untouchable’ as long as the people know their constitutional strength.

As important as it is to vote in the preferred and not perfect candidate of your choice, my desire is to see Nigerians continue with their passion for Nigeria in keeping their leaders accountable post-election.

All avenues of advocacy for social change must still be engaged. We are in for a 4 year project not a 1 weekend experiment. National Transformation is always a process and not an event.

After you vote this Saturday, tell yourself, ‘I am a Nigerian and I am committed to the New Nigeria’. May Peace reign in our nation in this season. God Bless You & God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Jimi Tewe
‎Twitter: @jimitewe


3 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake Nigerians Will Make

  1. Thanks BigJ, I hope partisans will note it and understand that like marriage, Happily thereafter is more important than the wedding day.

    thanks bro. I appreciate your words.

  2. That’s right sir! Many Nigerians are not looking beyond their nose where the election is concerned. The AFTER is indeed more important than the election itself. God bless Nigeria!

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