Designed for Global Relevance

Many of the brands we know today that command global influence started off in a doubtful state.

Microsoft, Apple, Dangote and many individuals did not show signs of greatness at inception but today, these entities command the attention of nations and millions of people. 

A number of these companies and individuals have been in existence for just over 2 decades and as much as I am excited about them, my real excitement is for those who will emerge in the next decade or two.

Many of them do not look like success today but what they are doing today will definitely bring them to the stage of Global Influence.

Let me ask? Did you feel I was talking about you when I mentioned this last category? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then I believe so too.

Many times, who you are today is not a true reflection of the success you will be tomorrow. That career or business of yours will eventually bring you into Global Prominence.

One of the quickest way to accelerate your experience towards experiencing Global Success is by interacting with those who already are operating at that level.

On the 1st of May, 2015, over 1000 young working professionals and SME Owners will attend the 7 Star Worker Conference at the Shell Hall Muson Centre, Lagos starting by 10am. This FREE event will also be broadcast via livestream to those outside Lagos who cannot attend.

9 Speakers and Panelists who own or work with Global Brands will share keys for ‘Growing SME’S to Global Businesses’. They will also speak about the role 7 Star Workers play in making this a reality.  So, whether you work for someone or own your business, you should plan to attend this FREE event.

May 1 is a public holiday.. will you be sleeping, playing OR learning & preparing for your Great future?

To attend, register here now

I celebrate the GREATNESS in you!

Kindly rebroadcast.

Jimi Tewe
Convener, 7 Star Worker Conference


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