Get your PVC and use your ‘PVC’

Good morning and Thank God it’s Friday.

First & foremost, let me state that this broadcast is  not focused on the elections coming up in 2 weeks time in Nigeria. Of course, I am interested in seeing a positive change in Nigeria and so I want to encourage you to get your PVC and use it during all stages of the election. Remember, the path of a nation should glow brighter and brighter. Vote your conscience in a way that will help to move this nation forward.

Interestingly, while thinking through how to help a business owner I am coaching, I realised that PVC stands for an acronym that makes for effective sales in business. Let me say it again that one skill every person needs is the ability to sell.

If you want your business or even career to grow, use this model consistently:

P- Persuasion:
Every successful salesperson will tell you that the act of persuasion is the foundation of sales success. You must grow your capacity to buy-over the heart of your potential customers.

V- Valuation:
This is a process that your potential customers go through. While you are persuading, they are evaluating. They are checking their pocket and your promise. The moment your promise matches their desire and cooperates with their pocket, they are ready for the last stage.

C- Conversion:
A sale is only complete when a conversion (value exchange) occurs. Your money is in the pocket of your potential customers. Don’t let them go home with it. Give them payment options, payment plans or payment benefits. Learn the act of collecting your money!

I will continue with this topic in my next broadcast. 

As we begin the weekend, remember, Get your PVC and use your ‘PVC’.


Jimi Tewe
Twitter Handle of the Year, Africa 2015
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We Won!

I am so excited about sending this broadcast today because I have good news for you. We won the ‘Twitter Handle of the Year Award’ in the just concluded Social Media Award Africa competition.

I must be honest that I was not too sure whether the award would be given to me even though my twitter handle had the highest votes in the voting stage. The jury still sat on it to review each finalist’s handle based on several factors including originality, creativity, impact, influence etc.

Anyway, let me get to the core of today’s message!

The award could not have been given to me without your input. Your vote during the voting stage, every word of encouragement, every retweet etc helped to make this happen.

What can we learn from this and apply for 2015?

You need a ‘company’ to record victory.

Great Things are truly not achieved by Great People alone but by a Great Team. Nothing that has lasted was ever built by one person.

Your dreams and aspirations for 2015 will be delivered faster and better if you have the right team to work with.

You need MENTORS to guide, correct and encourage you. You need PEERS who challenge you and not those who are satisfied with your status quo. You need ‘HELPERS’ who buy into your dreams and work to see it happen for you.

Well, someone might be saying, ‘Jimi, I have tried getting a mentor, but it didn’t work. I have begged people to help me but they didn’t help. What can I do?’

The ultimate law of relationship says, ‘Give and it shall be given back to you’. Before you ask for a hand, touch their heart. What can you do to help their own dreams? The more you do that thing, the more they feel ‘obliged’ to support you.

Let’s make 2015 a year that will be difficult to forget!

Thank you once again for making @jimitewe the Twitter Handle of the Year for Africa. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, I think you should do so now (smiles).

Do enjoy your week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst | Business Success Coach

What is IT?

Good morning and welcome to a New week. 

In my broadcast last week, I introduced IT. I mentioned that IT is the reason why only a few people stand out in life while most people are ordinary.

Today, I want to tell you what IT is.


The dictionary describes IT as ‘not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger’.

If there is one thing that I have seen consistently that has kept people ordinary, it is the fear of possible danger in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Some never pursue these dreams while others pursue a small version of their possibilities.

In 2015, BOLDNESS will distinguish you.

I facilitated a session last week for about 30 working professionals and although we had a great session and bonded, I realized that their Career story will not change except they get an infusion of BOLDNESS.

In 2015, I have decided that I MUST do everything I have prayerfully thought through and yet makes me afraid.

For me, fear, in this situation, is the giant trying to keep me from my possibilities. 

Now, Fear can only be subdued by confidence in something greater than the power fear possesses.

For me, I do not just thank God for Mondays and Friday’s, I actually trust Him to partner with me as I challenge my fears. This is my foundation for confidence. 

Secondly, I have noticed that confidence is built in recording smaller victories. When we attempt things & accomplish them, our confidence bank is credited.

This week, make deposits in your confidence bank by winning some victories. Attempt things and watch as God supports you in winning.

As you go out this week, remember you were not created for mere existence. You matter to the world around you. Be Bold and face the giants that come your way.

You will have a wonderful week! Do enjoy it.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst | Business Coach

If you do not have IT

Good Morning and welcome to a New Week

Already, we are 12 days into 2015 and I believe you are already maximizing the year.

Today I will like to talk about IT.

If you do not have IT, you cannot accomplish what IT is meant to enable you get.

IT is the reason why people remain average in life even though they know they have great potentials.

IT is the reason why a few people get celebrated in life while others merely exist.

IT is the reason why many companies remain small scale while they really have great potential for growth.

Without IT, your life will be ordinary and will not inspire anybody.

So, what is IT?

If you have not listened to the podcast I sent last week, it might be difficult for you to understand IT.

IT is an 8-Letter word that champions feed on. 

Unfortunately, I will not be telling you what IT is but if you listen to my podcast, you might be able to know what IT is.

So, here is the link!

Remember, without IT, you will not achieve your greatest aspirations in 2015 and beyond.

When you discover IT, make sure you use IT.

Before I go this morning, I will like to emphasize that one skill that will differentiate you in 2015 is your ability to sell. Whether it’s in your career or business, you MUST know how to sell to succeed.

One sub-set of selling is knowing how to make effective presentations. I have 3 people signed up out of a maximum of 10 on my presentation coaching platform. If you will like to make a great investment in yourself for 2015, make sure you pick up one of the remaining slots. Simply send a mail to now and you will get a response with more details on content and cost.

Okay, it’s time to go to work. Do have a wonderful week and use IT to achieve great results.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst | Business Coach
BBM: 74F7B3A9

I was not ready for 2015!

Welcome to 2015 once again.

Today’s title summarizes what really happened to me as at December 25, 2014.

I had just finished my review and planning session for 2015. I had prayed, thought through, planned, documented my plans, even felt great and Ready.. and then it happened!

I had eaten, was dressed and ready for the Christmas Day celebration when I saw a book my wife had bought the day before. I just felt like looking through the introduction.. and then it happened!

2 pages after and it struck me that the biggest element of my plan for 2015 was missing. 

I did try to enjoy the holiday food and visits right after but I must confess that I was quite shaken and this led me to re-review my plans.

Don’t bother asking me about the title of the book. Most likely, it will not have the same effect on you. However, this is one thing I will like to ask, ‘Are you really ready for 2015?’.

If your answer is YES, then I am quite happy for you. Let me ask you two quick questions:

(1) Is your plan for 2015 merely the ‘next big size’ of your 2014 plan? If it is, then you are not READY.

(2) Have you thought through what you require & have you acquired what it will take to execute your plan for 2015? If your answer is No, then you still are not ready.

The good news is that with one minor adjustment, you can be ready for 2015. 

More than ever before, I believe that 2015 will be a very significant turning point for many people in their career, businesses and life in general. This will only happen if they are READY for the opportunities coming their way.

On Friday, I will send you my podcast for 2015 where I will throw more light on being READY for 2015.

I believe that you will take GIANT strides forward in 2015.

Let’s make this year one to remember forever… 

Again I ask you, ‘Are You Ready?’

Do have a wonderful day.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst | Business Coach
Twitter: @jimitewe

2014 in review- How my blog did in 2014.. Pretty interesting…

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 19,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


Good morning and welcome to a New Week.

In all my years of existence, I am yet to meet anyone who has a strong desire to fail.

Everyone I meet and talk to tells me about their big dreams and aspirations in life. 

However, as I grow older, I find that these assertions clearly categorize all these people I have spoken to into 2; Outliers & Liars.

According to Malcom Gladwell, OUTLIERS are successful people who stand out in their field. In science an OUTLIER is something or a phenomena that lies outside normal experience.

Inwardly, many people would like to be OUTLIERS but their actions make them out to be LIARS.

A LIAR is simply a person who says things that are not true OR things that will turn out not to be true in the future. The latter one is my emphasis in this broadcast.

‘I will be…, I will do…, I will have… with no actualization positions people to be LIARS.

In a few decades, I will be 60 years old. I will have the privilege of looking back and determining whether I turned out to be an OUTLIER or a LIAR.

Well, just like you, I choose to be an OUTLIER and consequently, I will do the things I MUST do today to see the things I MUST see tomorrow.

Your Success in Life is a combination of Your Capacity, Your Preparedness, Your Maximized Opportunities and God’s Providence. Play your part & let God play His.

As we end 2014, let me ask you, ‘Do you have a plan for 2015 yet?’ Remember, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to deal with failure’.

2015 will be your best year so far. I believe it and I know you believe it too. Choose to be an OUTLIER & get to work today!

Do have a wonderful week.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst
BBM: 74F7B3A9

As 2014 comes to an end

In 16 days, 2014 will safely be tucked away in history and its usefulness will only be limited to the Blessings and Lessons we got from it.

2015 is practically an ‘unformed’ experience as our reality in the New Year will largely be based on the result of our decisions and actions of the past and those we will make along the way as the year unfolds.

2015 can be your greatest year ever. It can be that year when you broke every record you have ever recorded in your life. But.. all these desirable aspirations are limited to the quality of your DECISIONS & ACTIONS.

Our ACTIONS stem from our DECISIONS (& INDECISIONS) and DECISIONS in turn are fueled by VISION (or a lack of it).

Yes, it is possible to be fueled by a lack of VISION as there is an ample supply of DISTRACTIONS & ILLUSIONS that lead men and women in an endless pursuit of eventual FRUSTRATION.

For 2015 to deliver your desired future, your VISION has to be CLEAR &  COMPELLING.

VISIONS can be birth by forecasting the future using lessons from your past & opportunities in your present. GREAT VISIONS are however birth by catching a Glimpse of your future in a way that it determines what you must do today.

2 things that can help you are EVALUATION & REVELATION.

EVALUATION requires taking personal responsibility for your future using the lessons of your past while REVELATION involves getting a picture of your future leveraging God’s Vision from His opportune position.

To Evaluate, THINK!

To get Revelation, Pray (Fasting also helps) and ask God to show you HIS picture for your future. 

This is one of my greatest secrets for progress.

2015 exists in the ‘past’ for God. As this week begins, engage His Ability as you plan for 2015. He is always willing to speak to YOU!

Thank God It’s Monday! Do enjoy your week!

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst

2015… Are you Ready?

In less than 23 days, we will be in 2015. Are you ready for the New Year?

It’s been said that champions are not made in the ring but are simply recognized in the ring based on their preparation before entering the ring. The same is true with you.

2015, in a sense, is yet unformed. What will happen in the year will largely be driven by your goals, and decisions. Make no mistake, in life, nothing great just happens. Great events are usually a product of planned & unplanned circumstances & an appropriate response. You will get many opportunities BUT the question to ask is, ‘will you be ready?’.

As we end 2014 (of course many good things can still happen before the year ends), start practicing the habit of champions- keeping your feet in ‘today’ but setting your eyes on tomorrow’.

Write down your inspired thoughts, ideas and goals. Of course, since we ‘Thank God It’s Monday’, you might as well, ask Him for direction too in the New Year.

Just like 2014, 2015 will pass very quickly. Your level of preparation will determine your level of actualization.

Let’s get to work now and maximize the remaining days of 2014!

If you can, watch my interview today on CNBC Africa channel 410 by 12noon. Also, watch out for my Twitter Interview with the CEO of David Wej, a leading Fashion Retailer in Nigeria and Jumia’s top selling Fashion Brand. He left his Telecoms job to pursue his dream and it has paid off.

Do have a wonderful day.

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst

7 Failure Keys (6)

Good morning.

Our discourse on the 7 Failure Keys have been quite enlightening for me personally. More than ever before, I am aware of instances when any of the keys try to get me to use them. I immediately fight the thought.

The 6th Key to Guaranteed Failure is LACK OF SELF DISCOVERY!

I know you have heard so much about this but my question is this, Do you know you?’.

Tied to this key is another one that I call 6B. It is NOT LIVING BASED ON SELF DISCOVERY!

Many people, in spite of their age, are still trying to become someone they are not.

One day, whether on this side of eternity or the other, you will realize there is a SPECIFIC assignment you are meant to fulfill in your generation and as such, there is a SPECIFIC person you should be.

Some of you might have heard this before, but I once really wanted to be a RAPPER! Can you imagine?

I set my heart to it & joined a rap group. I even wrote out some raps at that time but..hmmm.. I struggled.

Are you not glad that I am not a RAPPER today but a CAREER SUCCESS CATALYST?

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual design predisposes you to SUCCEED at something in particular.

I will be sharing about all these tonight on Twitter by 8pm. 

KEY 6B speaks of people who have discovered themselves but are not doing anything with their discovery. I will talk about that too this evening.

Remember, you have just enough time on earth to fulfill your purpose and deliver on your assignment.

Join the chat on Twitter by 8pm by following me @jimitewe and the hashtag is #7FailureKeys

Yes, we are still in the lead in the Social Media Award by 219 votes BUT in the school of success, we do not stop till its over.

If you have not voted, all I can still say is, ‘there is God ooo’ 🙂

Vote now at

I do appreciate your commitment to my dreams.

Thank God it’s FRIDAY! 

Jimi Tewe
Career Success Catalyst