About Jimi Tewe

Jimi Tewe is the CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm located in Lagos, Nigeria. Inspiro Consulting enjoys a strategic partnership with CareerLeader, a Global Career Coaching firm based in Boston Massachusetts.

Jimi has a hard-to-find track record in his varying background experiences in two consulting firms, a non-profit-organization and two banks. Due to his rare blend of professionalism and excellence, he became a Senior Manager of one of Nigeria’s top five banks in only 5 years after NYSC (a feat which usually takes up to 13 years of regular career progression).

He has authored three books (“Where Did All My Money Go”, “Getting a Good Job Easily” and “Free from Corporate Slavery”). Jimi also has diverse materials that help young people reach their maximum potential.

Jimi’s personal interest is people development; He does this through coaching, inspirational speaking, and mentoring. He is a Pastor with KingsWord Ministries International. Jimi also trains corporate bodies and private individuals.


34 thoughts on “About Jimi Tewe

  1. I read your story on Bellanaija and I was once again reassured of my path. I’m presently trying to set up my own consulting firm and I would appreciate some help along the way. I have a lot of passion for people and for instilling the right values. I will appreciate any advise.

    Thanks for being true to yourself.

  2. Dear Mr Tewe,

    I learned about your blog through Bella Naija, and was truly inspired. I am currently getting a masters in management at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, U.S. My undergrad degree is in economics. I have made the decision to move back to Nigeria after I graduate in May to do my NYSC. I am also currently refining my skills in critical thinking, analysis and problem solving. I enjoy working with consumer products. And I am still in the process of defining a career path that will incorporate my skills and passion to add value to the organisation that I choose to join.

    I will like to keep you as a point of contact since I am just starting to build my professional network in Nigeria. I would appreciate it if I could get your contact information in an e-mail, so that I can keep up with you.

    Zainab Lawal

  3. I just ran through your book, free from corporate slavery and I must commend you for the straight to the point approach. I couldnt leave the book until I was through with it. I have found in one of the testimonies of ex- corporate slaves what my heart goes for and the courage to kick start it in spite of its rare nature around here.
    I will like to keep in touch with you, your book has shown that people can take charge of their destinies even in Nigeria.

  4. Weldone sir,i must confess i was really inspired by your presentation today at the RISE seminar in FUTA especially the way you speak which reminds me of my model fela durotoye.indeed you are a great man,i reckon with you.

  5. Hello Jimi,
    I listened to an interview you granted on Sharing life issues with Jazz B and I was thrilled and truly inspired. I actually responded to your request by sending ”Yes” to Jimi Tewe . I did get a call from your representative who promised that I would subsequently receive a call from you.
    I have been working with an Audit firm for over 8years and I must say I don’t enjoy my job anymore .Furthermore the job does not give me enough time to spend with my children and family .Recently my husband and i realized that my children had developmental and speech challenges and my job has made it difficult in attending to this challenges.

    I hope to become an entrepreneur in the nearest future, however I don’t want to stop work immediately but get a job that would be quite flexible so that I can have a clear head to concentrate on the children and developing my business.

    Currently I search for Jobs (accounting and audit related jobs) almost every day but I have not been so lucky. I have the requisite qualification and the years of experience. My proposed line of business is to deliver School Uniforms , School and office Stationery to schools and parents at their door steps .
    I also love to work with the less privileged and bless people’s lives as this gives me fulfillment.

    I sincerely hope you get this mail and would appreciate your advice as i look forward to your response.

    God Bless

  6. I thank God for this day.. turning to city fm on dis day 03/13/2012.. u really inspired me that is why i decided to google your name and find out info about you. am a young man of 24yrs an ssce holder not by choice but due to corruption in our educational system.
    i have this passion to be an enterprenur.majoring in manufacturing and agricultural sector.presently i work as a travel agent.booking of airline ticket and reservation, am not happy where i work because am not given the opportunity and time to develop myself but just staying idle,i wish to start my own business, but i lack the monetary and basic enterprenural skill to start on my own.thou i have the experience to run a travel agency.I sincerely need your help and advice and i hope you get this mail as i look forward to your response.Thanks and God bless

  7. Purely to follow up on the update of this topic on your web-site and would wish to let you know simply how much I appreciated the time you took to generate this handy post. In the post, you actually spoke on how to actually handle this challenge with all ease. It would be my personal pleasure to accumulate some more thoughts from your blog and come as much as offer some others what I discovered from you. Thank you for your usual fantastic effort.

  8. Dear jimi,
    Your life is an inspiration to me. Just want to thank you and pray God grants you long life even as you inspire others cause when I attended one of your public speaking I left feeling I could conquer the world. Please I want to have a personal rapore with you sir if possible. once again thank you sir hoping to hear from you soon. Charles from Lagos

  9. I am a staff of Insourcing limited. I realy do appreciate your presentation Sir. It gave me courage to make some positive decisions about my life. I don’t know where to read your write-ups. I await your response sir. Thank you

  10. Hello Jimi, when are you coming to SOUTH SOUTH, we need this evnt down here. Keep me posted through my email. Thank you

  11. Hello Sir, I’m a business student at the University of Regina Saskatchewan Canada. You were and still is a great source of motivation to Me. I just submitted an assignment where i wrote about You and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(Mahatma Gandhi) as great leaders on the world stage of Leadership. God bless You so Much, Keep up the good work. See You at the Top.

    • Hello Godwin. Apologies for just responding. I am humbled at your faith in ,me. Thank you so much. I do appreciate it. All the best with your studies.

  12. Hi Mr Jimi, my name is Rotimi Korede. When you and Mrs Tewe came to my school(Bowen Uni) about a year ago or more, I didnt have interest in all you said and all students were buzzing about you. Few minutes ago, I listened to the ’10things before you graduate’ audio file and I must tell you, I am motivated. It is very inspiring. Now I have a different perspective about life and the corporate world. I need to clarify my points of interest. Thank you Sir

  13. Hie I was inspired when i attended a service in Johannesburg (Pacesetters Church).Thank you so much for the message

  14. Hi Mr Jimi, I am a staff of insourcing ltd. I was motivated by your presentation and honestly I really want to be like you and be a trained motivational speaker like you. Please how do I contact you because this has always been my dream to enlighten people and build up their spirit to see the inborn gift in them and use them. Please I need you to help me achieve my dreams. Please you can reach me on this line 07031363677 or better still help me send yours. I will be highly favoured if you do this for me.

  15. Hi sir I we love to invite you for my leadership conference tagged CHANGE SUMMIT 2.0 as our guest speaker . date is may 23 2015.

  16. Good day sir. men like you are an inspiration always. I believe God and the twitter family made @jimitewe the number one hence I ask that you enjoy my track NA GOD here http://hu.lk/zsncy140twjk. A retweet from you about it would go a long way. what I have read on ur blog already inspires me. we will get the nation we desire! Thank you sir

  17. Good day Sir, am glad i came to 7starworker conference and also by listening over and over to your CD on career shift i can say something has and is still shifting in me… driving me to my destination in life. Thank you a lot.Hope to connect with you personally for further discussion sir.

  18. Mr Jimi, i sincerely want to appreciate your contribution to my life via your talks, i was at ABEOKUTA when you visited MAPOLY with OLATUNDE SAMSON and a host of others on MARCH 7TH 2013, i was with you at KINGSWORD IJEBU ODE sometime in april 2013, i was with you at EVOLVE 2.0 14TH JUNE 2014..ALL INSPIRING..PASTOR JIMI..I NEED YOUR HELP..I’M ALMOST GETTING MY CAREER MIXED UP TRYING TO COMBINE PASSION AND EARNING A LIVING. HOPE TO HEAR SOON

  19. sir, you are a great blessing to our generation. im passionste about public speaking. i d love to work under you as a trainer and speaker. thank you/

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